Classic Picks for November #3

16 Sep

So, here it is, our final choice for the next Classic Bookclub to be held in November: Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. This one hasn’t been made into a film, although there are half a dozen films with the same title, including one starring Robin Williams. Score.  And here’s a synopsis, once again from the very useful 1001 Books to Read Before You Die:

The Awakening was initially met with condemnation and outrage, forcing its author into financial crisis and literary obscurity. Coming back from this apparent literary death-at-birth, the effects of this novel live on, inveterate and relentless. When Edna Pontellier finds her position as young wife and mother in New Orleans unbearably stifling, her refusal to go by the laws and mores of society drives her up against a world at once disapproving and uncannily precognizant of her struggles, in a provoking and often progressive critique of marriage and motherhood in Creole society.

Chopin’s subject matter and observations are engrossing and, in many respects, ahead of their time. But what is most remarkable about The Awakening is the way in which it forces us to think about the very notion of time, of being ahead or outside of one’s time, and of the time of reading.’

So, here they all are. If any bookclubbers have any strong opinions on which one they’d prefer to read, don’t hesitate to make it known, via twitter to @nomadbooks, our facebook page or via email (

See you Monday, 7.30pm!


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