RIP Shulamith Firestone

31 Aug

It emerged today that the highly influential author of The Dialectic of Sex, Shulamith Firestone, died earlier this week. Her name may or may not be familiar to you. Either way, her book published in 1970 helped shape the way we think about feminism and feminists today, not to mention reproduction, the family, and of course gender itself. She was THE radical feminist thinker of her generation: unafraid to imagine a future vastly different from the post-war America she came of age in and she put her faith in (wo)mankind’s ability for technological and political enlightenment in a way few writers and activists would today. Hopefully her passing will spark a new interest and engagement with her work – currently out of print in the UK – and renewed recognition of the massive impact she had on a generation of women as well as men. Rest in Peace Sister!


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