Dickens O’Clock!

27 Jan

If you hadn’t already noticed, 2012 is the year of Charles Dickens. This February, the world will be celebrating 200 years of his books. Claire Tomalin hopped on the bandwagon early with her biography published late last year. And Christmas and the New Year have seen some excellent new adaptations for the telly. In honour of this, we here at Nomad have decided to choose two of his great tales for our bookclubs. If you’ve never read a Dickens, or you fancy just revisiting an old favourite, make this the year.

So, on February the 23rd, kids aged nine and up are invited to come along to our Young Readers Bookclub were we will be discussing Oliver Twist, one of Mr Dickens best-loved books. Pop in to the shop to pick up a Puffin Classics edition of the book for £7.99.

In March, the Classic Bookclub gang will be getting together on Monday the 19th. Up for discussion will be Hard Times. Grab a copy and join us for a glass of wine and some informal chat, from 7.30pm onwards.

Hope to see you there!



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