Wild Abandon!

7 Jul

Just received a proof copy in the post of Joe Dunthorne’s new book! I was excited to get my little mitts on it, as I hadn’t even realised he had written a new one. I haven’t been this thrilled by the arrival of a new book in a long time, and it is especially delicious to have gotten it ahead of its publication. I started reading immediately, even though I’m still ploughing through my Ginsberg book and so far, I’m loving it. The characters are likeable and very real;  I think my favourite is the 11 year-old Albert, with his water pistol glock and excellent telephone manner. The setting, an eco-community in Wales, provides the perfect backdrop for the book’s unconventional inhabitants, from middle-aged stoners to lithe, young wwoofers. Up to this point, much of the comedy has been provided by the communards’ interactions with the outside world, like Albert’s sister Kate’s experiences at a local college after years of home-schooling. Somehow, Dunthorne does childish imagination, teenage awkwardness and middle-aged anxiety all extremely well.

After the success of Submarine and his overall rising fame, I have a feeling that this book could be the big one. Making it all the more pleasing that I’m reading it now! And how great is the title?

Wild Abandon by Joe Dunthorne is published on the 4th of August. Pre-order your copy at Nomad Books! 0207736 4000 or info@nomadbooks.co.uk.


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