Not so yellow submarine

23 Apr

A while ago, I posted a review of a small pamphlet of poems by a a young man named Joe Dunthorne. I had only just discovered him, the night before, reading his work at my first ever Bookslam. He was funny, clever and so imaginative, I felt like I needed to let our customers in on this up and coming wordsmith. Then I find out he’s written a whole novel, and not long after, that it’s being made into a film. I now rather feel as if I were somewhat late to the party.

I was lucky enough to catch the film on a plane journey. Not the best place to watch a film in normal circumstances but it didn’t really matter. I was suitably engrossed and it provided a welcome bit of dark British humour. Sally Hawkins plays the uptight and perplexed mother of Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) as he gets to grips with the ups and downs of having a girlfriend as well as meddling in his parents’ love lives. The film is quite beautiful and, narrated by Roberts, like delving into the teenager’s diary. The typical tropes of the rom-com, like the playful montage, are here undermined by the black comedy of his mother’s renewed relationship with an old boyfriend, now life guru, Lloyd and his father’s  depression. Such a brilliant blend of offbeat, light-hearted romance and poignant family drama, I think I’m going to have to read the book!


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