Happy Birthday Nomad Books!

8 Sep

This month, Nomad Books is celebrating 20 years of business. We’ve seen many fantastic authors come and go over the last twenty years and we’ve read hundreds of brilliant books. This year alone has seen some of our favourite authors bring out great work, many of which we’ve loved and our customers have adored. For this monumental occasion, we’ve decided to look back to when it all began, the year 1990, when some of these literary giants where just starting out, making their first waves on the book scene. We’ve revisited some contemporary classics, like A.S. Byatt’s Possession; 1990 Booker Prize winner and still a favourite among critics and readers alike. We’ve also unearthed some potential forgotten gems, such as 2010 Orange Fiction Prize winner Babara Kingsolver’s earlier work Animal Dreams. Looking at these authors’ works from the year 1990 and 2010, can we see glimmers of greatness yet to be recognised? Has their work developed, matured into their current masterpieces? What is sure is that both 1990 and 2010 were great years for fiction and great years for Nomad Books too!

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See you soon and happy reading!

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